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Move the opponent's playing pieces in order to position your own in the best way to win the game.
von Henrik Morast

The object of the game sounds pretty familiar:
Who will be the first to connect two sides of the gameboard with pieces of his color?

The special feature is that you always may use and move only the other player's playing pieces. Your opponent plays your pieces.

Players play on a board consisting of 25 hexagons.

Initially the gameboard is empty. On each turn, you can put an opposing piece on any one of the outer (perimeter) hexagons. If the desired outer space is occupied, you move the piece lying there or, if applicable, the row of pieces, towards the middle. The first player to connect the sides specified of the board with his pieces, wins.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months!. Choking hazard!

for 2 players from 10 years and up

• 20 x 20 cm gameboard, made from solid beechwood and treated with protective oils
• 25 playing pieces in 2 colors