Wespy im Set mit Motiven "Frei Getränk, Verboten", "Nix da"

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Practical, funny, exclusive Our lids for glasses outdoors

Who isn't looking forward to this: It's summer, you are enjoying an evening on the balcony or patio with a glass of wine / beer or juice.

And here they come!
It's not always good things that come from above - you'd certainly prefer to do without mosquitos or wasps in your glass.
Therefore, use "Wespy," our lids for glasses, made of beechwood treated with protective oils.

All the wasps have been drawn by our game author Frank Stark, and we promise that the funny images will conjure up a smile on your face.

Of course, our "Wespy" lids also are a fitting gift or small bring-along present for almost any occasion.

The "Wespy" lids are available as a set of 2, packaged in a small outer box, with a sticker.