Paletto maxi

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Paletto maxi

by Dieter Stein

"Paletto" is also available in a maxi edition suitable especially for kindergartens, schools and other public institutions.

On the "Paletto Maxi" gameboard, you can play the well-known tactical game for 2 to 3 players. Additionally, "Paletto Maxi" contains a big color die and the supplemental rules of "Paletto Plus," where up to six players can participate.
These simplified rules make "Paletto" less tactical, while the luck factor plays a more significant role.

As soon as children are able to assign colors, they can also play "Paletto."

The gameboard has a size of 50 x 50 x 2.5 cm. It is made of indestructible beech plywood. The playing pieces are easy-to-grip wooden cylinders with a diameter of 5 cm and a height of 3.8 cm.
Due to the size of the board and playing pieces, it is also ideal for working with seniors.

50 x 50 cm gameboard made of beech plywood
Wooden playing pieces in 6 colors, made of solid wood with a lacquer finish
One 30-mm color die
"Paletto" game instructions, including simplified "Paletto Plus" rules