Hasami Shogi / Tablut

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Hasami Shogi / Tablut

2 classic board games

Hasami Shogi originates from Japan from the family of Gumuku games.

A very enthralling and challenging experience that is easy to learn, but becomes more profound each time it is played.
The aim is to make a row of 5 pieces. In this process it is possible to move over as many free spaces in straight lines as you wish. As soon as an opponent's piece is surrounded it can be removed from the board.

Tablut originates from Lapland. In the year 1732, Carl von Linne, a Swedish botanist, wrote about this game in his diary - he claimed that it represented a perfect thrilling contest between the blond Swedes and the dark Muscovites.

The King piece is situated in the middle of the board on the so called 'Kanakis'
(Throne in English). The object is for 1 player to try to move the King to reach one of the hollows on the outer circumference of the board. The other player with the 'Dark piece' tries to stop him from doing so. It is also possible here to move pieces in straight lines over as many free spaces as you wish. It is however forbidden to jump over opponents pieces in this process, and these can only be captured and removed from the board by surrounding them.

The board has been crafted from finest local beechwood, with carefully finished tilting sides and a final treatment with resin oil.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months! Choking hazard!

For 2 players 8 years upwards

30 x 30 x 3 cm oiled solid beechwood board
2 x 18 pieces + replacement pieces + 1 King piece gem stone for Tablut (Crystallized quartz and Heliotrope)