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Challenging play in landscape gardening
by Oliver Schaudt

You are a court gardener of the mythical Queen Semiramis. All plants have gotten mixed up and your task is to put them in such an order that neither plants of the same shape nor plants of the same color are standing next to one another.
There is only one unoccupied space - and after solving the task, this space should be in the center of the board.

The fronts of the 24 cards show different starting positions.
The first tasks can be solved within a relatively short time, but then they become increasingly more difficult.

Semiramis is the second Oliver Schaudt game published by our company.
Compared to his first game, the requirements haven't become easier, but even a bit more complex. Whereas the big playing pieces in Sia Sola just change sides, both the shape and the color of the different playing pieces need to be observed in Semiramis.

A mental puzzle of a very high level - For solitaire players from 8 years upwards

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!
• gameboard made of solid beechwood treated with protective oils
  Wooden playing pieces, lacquered, in 3 colors
• 24 task cards