Double Dutch

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Double Dutch

by Fred Horn

The one who moves last moves best!

In this game from the Netherlands, the game pieces are half-spheres in red, white, and blue – just as the national colors of our neighboring country. Each player has game pieces of one color.

The playing area consists of hexagonal spaces, each with a hollow in the middle.

Players alternate taking turns. You move one of your game pieces until you arrive at the edge of the gameboard or at a space occupied by another game piece, but the move has to be at least 2 spaces. After that, you place a new game piece, always with the flat side down.

If your move is more than 2 spaces, you turn the game piece over after your move so that it is now lying in the hollow with the round side down. This means that this game piece is fixed on this space and may no longer be moved.

With every turn, there are more and more game pieces on the board, which leaves fewer free spaces and therefore fewer moving possibilities.

Having to skip a turn does not necessarily mean that you have no chance of moving any more.
Who will make the very last move and thus win the game?

Not suitable for children under 36 months! Small parts can be swallowed.

For 2 – 3 players 8 years and up
Duration: 15 – 20 min.

20 x 20 cm gameboard made of solid beechwood, treated with protective oils
Lacquered wooden game pieces in 3 colors