Cube by Sascha Schauf


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by Sascha Schauf 

It’s all a matter of perspective!

Two to four players try to recreate the color combinations of their task cards on the gameboard. The first player to fulfill the required number of cards wins.

The situation on the gameboard changes with every turn. The active player can choose to either place a blindly-drawn wooden cube on the board or to move an already-laid-out cube to a different space.

A ball recessed at the bottom of the gameboard makes it easy to rotate the board in all directions. The different perspectives – from above or from one of the four sides – allow for multiple possibilities for fulfilling a task card – for all players, no matter if it's their turn or not.

If the cubes on the gameboard lie on different levels or in different rows, the viewing direction is crucial. Cubes hidden from view don't count.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!

Game board, easily rotatable, oiled beech 20 x 20 cm,
4 card holders
4 twin dice
32 wooden dice and 48 task cards
2 - 4 persons from 10 years, duration 30 - 45 min.