ConHex with pegs

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ConHex with pegs

a connection game for 2 by Michail Antonow

It is not chance or luck, but superior strategy and cleverer tactics that lead to success.

Each player aims to connect two opposite sides of the board with an unbroken chain of squares of his colour. Player A has won when he has connected the upper side with the lower side, player B strives to connect the left side with the right side. A draw is not possible.

In ConHex, however, squares are not simply occupied and thus taken possession of, but each individual square must be conquered against the resistance of the game partner.
Only when a player has occupied the majority of the corner points of a square with his own connectors may he mark it with his colour. When placing each individual plug, it must be taken into account that each corner point has an effect on several playing fields.

The decisive factor for victory is the continuous row of marked squares, not corner points.

It is also possible to play ConHex on the internet at [].

A computer game of ConHex that was developed at the University of Jena in Germany ( Mathematics Professor Dr.Ingo Althöfer ), was introduced at the Cebit in Hannover, Germany. Further information available at []

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months! Choking hazard!

For 2 Players from 10 years upwards

Game board 30 x 30 cm, solid beech, oiled,
Wooden markers made of walnut and maple

25 wooden pegs each, light and dark