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A Purposeful Interconnection - by Dieter Stein

Which player is the first to reach the opponent's starting line with at least one piece?
The object of the game sounds pretty simple and commonplace.

The strategic challenge lies in the additional game rules:
After every turn, all pieces of each player need to be connected in one group. "Group" refers to all pieces of a player that are connected in a straight or diagonal line. A single piece can also be a group.

A player can divide the opponent's group by capturing a suitable piece; in this case, the smaller portion of the divided group of playing pieces is taken off the board.

Ordo - a dynamic game with connections, in which divisions are not always a disadvantage.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months! Choking hazard!

for 2 players from 10 years upwards years up

• 30 x 30 cm gameboard, made from solid beechwood and fumed oak, treated with protective oils
• 2 x 20 wooden playing pieces in 2 colors