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Strategical thought in a brace
von Frank Stark     

Zoom - 4 marbles in a square.
The shortest route is not always the best.
Which player will be the first to make a square of 4 marbles on the inner part of the board ? The game is played from the outer edges (starting position) to the inner parts of the board - every marble can be moved as far as the player wishes but only in straight lines. It is important to know that every empty space on the circumference of the board can be used to access the inner part of the board.

TriHop - a tactical triple jump
In this game the player moves from the inner part outwards, to the circumference of the board - every move requires you to jump at least once around a corner.

The implementation of TriHop is exactly the opposite to Zoom. At the start of the game the board is empty and the players alternately position their pieces on the inner part of the board. The player to place the last marble makes the first move and his first triple jump.

The aim is to reach desired spaces with your own marbles first. (from 8 years and up)

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts can be swallowed!

solid beechwood board 20 x 20 x 2cm, oiled
played with marbles