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by Nestor Romeral Andrés

All good things come in threes!

The name LOT derives from "Line of Three."

Players alternate turns. On each turn, you place one of your playing pieces on an empty square of the gameboard. When you create a line of three playing pieces of your color, you have to remove two of them, but then you may put another one of your pieces on top of the remaining piece and thus form a stack.

The object of the game is to be the first to have a line of three consecutive stacks of your color. This seems very simple, and the rules are short – but the actual depth of play often only reveals itself after several games.

In Spain, the author distributes the game through his own company.
Everywhere else, our company releases it with a beautiful wooden board, adding a tactile value to the game.

Not suitable for children under 36 months! Small parts can be swallowed.

For 2 players, 10 years and up
Playing time: around 15 – 30 minutes

20 x 20 cm gameboard made of solid beechwood, treated with protective oils
Wooden playing pieces in 2 colors (40 per player)