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by Dieter Stein

Who will build the best districts in town?

There are not one but two architects on the gameboard of Urbino, having an eye toward developing the town.

Each of the two players strives to build the finest and most interesting districts, with many houses, palaces and towers. They fight for every good building lot.

It always takes both architects to get the best building lots and expand each one's town. A player may build only where the line of vision of the two architects intersects.

And since even architects can't look through buildings or around corners, every move needs to be well thought out.

In the end, only the districts in which both players have buildings count. The player with the higher total value of buildings gets the victory points for the district, whereas the other builder goes away empty-handed.

Available at November 2017

Not suitable for children under 36 months! Small parts can be swallowed.

For 2 players, 10 years and up
Playing time: 30 – 40 minutes

25 x 25 cm gameboard, made of solid beechwood treated with protective oils
2 architects (red game figures)
18 houses, 6 palaces, and 3 towers in each of 2 colors