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Stella **

Brain-teaser for 1 player

Two game classics - the object is to have only one marble left in the end.

In the simpler variant, you always jump over a marble onto the unoccupied space immediately beyond it - as in the classic "Solitaire" game - and take the jumped-over marble off the board.
Jumping around a corner is not allowed.

In the more difficult variant, you don't jump; here, the marble in the hollow after next along the connecting line is the determining factor for taking away a marble.

Both actions are very easy as long as the gameboard is full - but as the game progresses, there are fewer and fewer marbles left on the board...

• 10 x 10 cm gameboard
• The playing pieces are varnished wooden marbles.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!

The Minis are small portable games, ideal as a promotional gift or other purposes.

In 3 levels of difficulty: * = easy to *** = very tricky.


Canny games of thought for 1 person packed in a labelled white cardboard box.
Furthermore it is also possible with an order of larger quantities and a minimal surcharge to have a logo or label put on the board.