"We want to make beautiful things – objects that we ourselves are enthused about, too.
Nice to look at and, above all, nice to touch!"

Gerhards Spiel und Design is a small wood manufactory in the southern Westerwald region of Germany.

In the mid-1970s, Ludwig Gerhards took over the family enterprise founded by his grandfather.

In its early years, the company produced mainly household items for everyday use; later on, the focus was on picture frames and wooden covers for the ceramics industry.

In the year 2000, a new idea was taken on: board games from all over the world.
Though the manufacturing and marketing of the games was just a "creative hobby" for the first few years, this part of the business evolved into the company's primary mainstay in recent years.

Our pursuit of high-quality workmanship coupled with smart design is an essential part of our business philosophy.

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The Team of the Gerhards Manufactory

All games are made at the manufactory, overseen by a small team – from the conception of a game and its design to the test phase to the production by craftsmen.

For the gameboards, we use exclusively domestic solid wood, predominantly steamed beech. The surfaces are finely polished to create a precision finish and are treated with high-quality natural resin oil.

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