"We want to make beautiful things – objects that we ourselves are enthused about, too.
Nice to look at and, above all, nice to touch!" (Ludwig Gerhards)

Gerhards Spiel und Design is a small wood manufactory in the southern Westerwald region of Germany.
In the mid-1970s, Ludwig Gerhards took over the family enterprise founded by his grandfather.
In its early years, the company produced mainly household items for everyday use; later on, the focus was on picture frames and wooden covers for the ceramics industry.

At the end of 2020, Mr. Sascha Schauf assumed ownership of the Games Manufactory. He wants to carry on the business with the proven team and the same high standards.
Mr. Gerhards will continue to contribute his know-how to the realization of game ideas.
Mr. Schauf comes from the German Ruhr area. He has a wife and a daughter, both of whom love nature and games as much as he does.

Even if the times say something different, the heart says, "It is right!" (Sascha Schauf)


The Team of the Gerhards Manufactory

All games are made at the manufactory, overseen by a small team – from the conception of a game and its design to the test phase to the production by craftsmen.

For the gameboards, we use exclusively domestic solid wood, predominantly steamed beech. The surfaces are finely polished to create a precision finish and are treated with high-quality natural resin oil.

Sabine Westhues Ruth Kowski-Meyer

Sabine Westhues (left) - sales / shipping / keeps an eye on the games warehouse and gives production a leg up

Ruth Kowski-Meyer(right) - Social media / dispatch / our formulator

Hildegard Wiedenmann Hermann Borchert

Hildegard Wiedenmann (left) - Sales / office, contact person for customers and almost everything

Hermann Borchert (right) - Manufacturing, cutting, is in his element when he treats playboards with natural oil

Nalliah Devadas Nicolai Steeb

Nalliah Devadas (left) - "Dr Babu, who talks to the wood" - Manufacturing, always has the overview

Nicolai Steeb (right) - master carpenter - our youngest, may "make a head" when it comes to implementing new games

Sandra Illenseer

Sandra Illenseer - Graphics, image editing, layout, advertising - brings the artist's eye to the team