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The game for sighted AND visually handicapped players
by Frank Stark

The pieces are colored and can be effectively sensed by touch. They are put in the hollows on the board in such a way that they won't slip out of place. The large wooden die with extra-deep indentations comes with a board that will be appreciated also by sighted people.

Frank Stark has designed a game that is fun to play with the entire family.

A player who believes he is on his final spurt can still be pushed back by a 'stopper' die roll, or an opponent moves your own piece back again - this causes lots of trouble and mischievous joy, no matter whether the player can see or not.

Knowing the way Frank Stark is, it is quite clear that he wouldn't think of just one game for one board - so Camino comes with an additional bonus game and two more variants to choose from.

... And why shouldn't Camino be played also by people who can see but are blindfolded?

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!

for 2-4 players from 6 years upwards

• Board 30 x 30 cm, made from solid beechwood treated with protective oils
• Playing pieces and dice made from solid wood