Laniakea - pure nature

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by Marco Teubner

Slalom around the turtles

There are numerous turtles on the beach of Laniakea. Visitors are allowed to enter the beach, but they may not get too close to the turtles. Slalom is the order of the day!

The object of the game is to reach the opposite side of the gameboard with your own disks, always maneuvering around the turtles. You may enter only the beach spaces. The disks move and jump, stack and block.

But pay attention: The turtles wander, too! After each move, you slide the wooden tiles in the row where you placed the last disk. This way, the playing situation is constantly changing, and players always need to find new ways.

The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted with the help of a few extra tiles included. If you play with tiles with many beach spaces on them, the game is suited even for children from 8 years on. If you increase the number of turtles on the tiles, play becomes more tactical and challenging.


Attention! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts can be swallowed.

For 2 players from 8 years

Playing time: 30-40 min.
Playing material:
Game board 20 x 25 cm made of solid beech, oiled.
28 wooden tiles 5 x 2.5 cm -
12 printed on one side, 5 printed on both sides and 11 blank
2 x 8 round game pieces in blue and yellow in a cotton bag