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BAO and HUS on the same board
They belong to the family of Mancala games that are not only played in Africa by children and adults alike - quite often they are also known elsewhere under different names such as 'bean' or 'stone' games.

BAO and HUS are games for 2 players and are interesting for all age groups. Each player moves his pieces on his own half of the board and tries to capture the inward row of his opponent.

BAO and HUS encourage children to start counting and thinking logically as well as practising fine coordination of the hand. It is always interesting to observe how pre - school children invent their own tactics of doing away with their opponents pieces.

Our finely finished board is made out of local beechwood and has been treated only with pure resin oil. The in - lying hinges and magnetic clasp assure durability and a long life span. The deep hollows on the board allow you to pick up and count the pieces at ease.

The pieces are a colourful mixture of semi precious stones - stones such as sodalith, blue quartz, aventurine, tigers eye and red tigers eye are readily available. Just let us know what you would prefer when you order.


What does “pure nature” mean?

Our games are handcrafted, unique pieces of outstanding quality. Each game board is different and unique.

Wood is a natural product, every tree has its own story. In this “Natur Pur” category you will find games with a more lively and irregular surface, games with traces of knots or color nuances. Lots of fun for less money! 


Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts can be swallowed!


for 2 players from 5 years up
solid beechwood board, foldable with magnetic fastener - hinges inside
45 x 12 x 6 cm - folded
45 x 24 x 2 cm - open
64 semi precious stone pieces, colorful mixed