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by Sascha Schauf

Who will be the first to change corners?

Both players want to move their disks (Disci) to the opposite side as quickly as possible. In doing so, you may not enter the large space in the center of the board, though. If you end up on a space marked with an "X," you have to leave this space in the next round – if necessary, backward in the direction of your starting area.

Every round, each player has two turns that he must take. You can use your game pieces for moving and jumping. As in HALMA, chain jumps are ideal. Blocking your opponent's destination spaces is of no advantage – quite the contrary: In this case, the other player wins if he could have entered his destination spaces without the blockade. Who will be faster?



Not suitable for children under 36 months! Small parts can be swallowed.

For 2 players 8 years and up
Duration: 10 – 15 min.

20 x 20 cm gameboard made of solid beechwood, treated with protective oils
Wooden pieces in 2 colors