Habt 8

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Habt 8

by Lilly Schauf  

Look, turn, move – find your groove!

The task cards show color combinations, and your objective is to recreate these by placing wooden blocks in these colors on the gameboard. The white joker is very helpful for that. On each turn, you may either blindly draw a block out of the bag or relocate a block that is already on the board.

Playing this game fosters spatial vision in combination with concentration – and with fun.
The first player to fulfill the 8 task cards wins.

It seems to be a lightwEIGHT game – but both players need to stay alert, since a good chance of completing a task can be blocked quickly.

Lilly Schauf, at 12 years, has invented this brisk and colorful stacking game for 2 players.
First reactions: "Cool game! What about building an additional basement row underneath?" Another idea that came up was to include a "pointless storage place" for blocks that have been drawn but don't fit!

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!

For 2 players, 8 years and up
Playing time: 15 – 25 minutes

Game materials:
1 gameboard with a recess for 6 wooden blocks
28 wooden blocks in 4 colors
1 white wooden block as a joker
1 set of task cards
2 card holders
1 cotton bag