We have nothing but wood on our mind...

Since August, our games production has been running full blast: shaping, sanding, oiling, and packaging.
Sometimes, we face nice surprises...

... and the wood faces us back!



Christmas is just around the corner!


From the 13th to 17th of December, 2017, we'll be exhibiting again at the Kunsthandwerker-Weihnachtsmarkt (crafts market) at Moyland Castle in the Lower Rhine region. For all those who love Christmas markets and don't live too far away, we recommend this wonderful market in the park of Moyland Castle.

wm-moyland.jpg During this period, our manufactory will be working with only half our workforce; therefore, our shipments will be delayed..

We'll be back on the 18th of December and then ship games until December 20th. Thisshould assure everyone that all games get delivered in time for Christmas.

From December 21th, 2017 on, we'll close the company – and look forward to Christmas.

Photo by Walter Hoffmann



Essen Game Fair, October 2017


Again, many people keenly played our games at the SPIEL in Essen
Of course, they tried out our new releases QUATRO FLASH, TRIANGOLI, and URBINO, but the "classics," such as FENDO, MIXTOUR, QUINT-X, and SAMSARA, were sought after as well.
A big thank-you goes to our authors at the booth for explaining, playing and signing their games with joy and enthusiasm.
And, of course, thanks to all those players who love our games made of solid wood.


We had great days at the fair – and hope to see you again next year.



Essen Game Fair, October 2015

This year, we had a lot of fun again at the Game Fair in Essen.
The days at our booth went by incredibly quickly and were filled with nice chats and concentrated game play.
FENDO and C-CROSS were already sold out by Friday evening. Ludovic Gimet, the author of C-CROSS, helped us out by giving us his copies that were designated for France.

Ludovic Gimet (left) explains C-CROSS
Dieter Stein (right) plays a game of FENDO


"Europamarkt" in Aachen, September 2015

The weather in Aachen could have been better – but nevertheless, the European Market was a full success. Many visitors asked us to present our new releases, looked for a suitable present, or just came by for a nice chat. This year, we had active male support for explaining the games. Many thanks for this!


January/February 2015 – Nuremberg Toy Fair

Never before have there been so many exhibitors from the game and toy industry at these North Bavarian fair grounds. With roughly 2,850 exhibitors from 67 countries, along with 72,000 trade visitors, all previous records were broken.

Our booth was very well-frequented; especially on Saturday, we had a space crunch and, for lack of room, had to make additional use of the aisles.

In Nuremberg, we presented our complete product line of games, including the new releases Fendo and Rincala family.

Nuernberg_01.png Nuernberg_04.png
Nuernberg_02.png Nuernberg_03.png

November 2014 "Spellenspektakel" in Eindhoven

Great success for our game Samsara at the "Spellenspektakel" in Eindhoven, the biggest board game event in the Netherlands.
At the "RolltheDice" game club, all visitors could cast their vote for the best game.
They chose "Samsara," by Thomas Weber, as number / 1.
Gerhards games were presented by Dennis Merkx and Kees Meis from Rielekst.com

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October 2014: SPIEL Essen

This year again, we were represented with our own booth at the leading fair of the game industry, the world's greatest game fair in Essen.
Through many conversations in person, we were able to make numerous visitors familiar with our games, especially with the new releases. Some people became so engrossed in our games that they lost track of time completely. ;-)

essen_2014_1.png essen_2014_2.png
essen_2014_3.png essen_2014_4.png


September 2014

Once again, we were exhibitors at the European Market in Aachen this year.
This arts and crafts market, which always takes place on the first weekend in September, gives us a good opportunity to meet old and new customers.
This year, we enjoyed the participation of Thomas Weber, the author of the game "Samsara."

aachen_2014_1.png aachen_2014_2.png


25. August 2014
Now our summer vacation is over, we've launched our new online store.

Please enjoy browsing our new game collections and popular long sellers.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Mai 2014 - Our new CNC machining center has been delivered..

It came from above ...


It's not a present, but unpacking it was fun anyway ...

news_CNC_Aufbau.jpg news_CNC_Aufbau2.jpg

In order that we can work with even more precision in the future ...